The Wonderful World of Glass

4 Risks of DIY Window Tint Application

You need to weigh the risks inherent in trying to install home window tinting without hiring a professional. This article discusses some of the risks you'll take if you do it yourself. Film Creasing Aluminium film is the favoured type of tint for residential windows due to its superior performance characteristics. However, this type of film requires extreme caution when one is handling it. Any mistake made as one handles the film can cause it to develop creases. Read More 

How to Add Colour and Style to Your Kitchen’s Splashback

A kitchen's splashback may be more visible than you realize, which is why it's good to consider how you can give it some colour and style. A dull splashback may make the entire kitchen seem too muted and even downright utilitarian, whereas a unique splashback can make the kitchen seem more personal to you, while also helping to tone down the wood of cabinets. Note a few tips on how to add colour and style to your kitchen's splashbacks without creating something that is too overwhelming or that might seem out of place in a kitchen. Read More 

Answering a Few Common Questions About Shower Screens and Doors

Installing a glass shower screen or door can make a small bathroom seem bigger and brighter, and also means not having to change the shower curtain every time it gets outdated or dirty, and every time you buy new linens for the bathroom! While a shower screen or sliding glass door can be a good choice for any home's bathroom, you might have a few questions about their design and use. Read More 

Commercial Mirrors: 3 Essential Guidelines for Maintaining the Glass

If you have large commercial mirrors in your business premises, you should have a professional cleaner to perform maintenance. In general, your upkeep practices will determine the durability of the mirror and its performance. If you handle the mirror poorly, it will become cloudy or sustain scratches which will interfere with its appearance. In addition, it might become more vulnerable to grime build-up. Here are some essential guidelines to help you clean and maintain your commercial mirrors. Read More 

Two ways to keep your glass shower screen in good condition

If you have a glass shower screen in your bathroom, here are two steps you can take to keep it in good condition.  Try to avoid hitting it when you're taking a shower Most shower screens are made from tempered glass. This material is not only significantly stronger than standard glass (and thus far less likely to crack when struck with a heavy object), but it is also designed to shatter in such a way that the pieces of broken glass have rounded edges. Read More