The Wonderful World of Glass

Benefits of Glass Pool Balustrades

If you're researching pool fencing alternatives, you'll come across glass balustrades. You may not know a lot about these barriers and whether they work around a pool. To help you decide, consider the following benefits. Openness One of the major attributes of glass balustrades is that they create an open, expansive feel in the garden. As you can see through the transparent glass, the yard won't feel divided or sectioned off into different areas. Read More 

Benefits of a Glass Splashback in a Kitchen

If you're looking for a way to enhance your kitchen, why not consider a glass splashback installation? Here are several benefits. Brightness Glass is light-reflective, and once it covers the splashback area, it will brighten up the kitchen. The counter areas, in particular, will be better lit, allowing you to prepare food more easily. A better-illuminated kitchen will feel larger and more spacious, and you can save on energy bills as you may be able to reduce under-cabinet lighting as a result. Read More 

Window Glass Replacement: 3 Indications that Your Glass Windows Require Replacement

Most homeowners replace their window panes only when they get cracked or shattered. However, as a property owner, you should understand that there are other signs or circumstances when you need to replace your defective glass windows. Some of the common indications include the following. Bloated Electricity Bill If your windows have single panes or they have broken or cracked double panes, all your efforts to warm your house will be in vain. Read More 

How Does Residential Window Tinting Affect Your Indoor Houseplants?

If you have made something of an indoor garden in your home, you might be worried that window tinting could harm your plants. But don't worry. Although window tinting will have some effect on your houseplants, it won't kill them or retard their growth. In fact, window tinting can help your houseplants in some ways. Window tinting will affect your houseplants in the following ways. Window Tints Can Protect Fragile Plants Read More 

Could your swimming pool benefit from pool windows?

When you build a swimming pool into your property, you can create a way for you to enjoy quality family time with those that you love and keep fit at the same time. Any swimming pool can be an asset to your home, but why stop with a basic swimming pool when with a little extra effort you can do so much more than that? What makes a truly great swimming pool? Read More